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Moving Into a New House in Kalispell, Montana: 8 Important Things to Do After Settling Into Your New Place

moving into a new house

Are you planning a move to Kalispell, Montana? Moving into a new house is exciting and a lot of work. There's a lot that goes into the planning and moving process, and there are many details to get just right.

As you plan your move, there are things to buy for a new house, such as decor and new furniture. There are some other things you need to do when you move as well, such as switching the utilities over to your new address and finding a neighborhood right for you. Once you move into your new home though, what are some things you should do after settling in?

That's right, there's still more to do! In the guide below, you'll discover some of the first things to do after relocating to Kalispell and moving into a new home. Continue reading below to find out more. 

1. Child and Pet Proof Everything

The boxes are unpacked, and you're ready to start your new life. Is your new home prepared to handle young children and pets though? If you're bringing children and pets with you into your new home, then you should start child and pet proofing everything

Not only will this step help protect your home from damages, but it'll also protect your children and pets from being injured. Make your way throughout the entire house and place outlet covers where needed, corner protectors on all corners, and more. Don't hesitate to go above and beyond either. 

It's better to be safe than sorry, so the more safety precautions in place, the better. 

2. Complete a Deep Clean

Even if a house appears to be clean, this is your home. You want it cleaned to meet your standards. When you take the time to deep clean your new house, you give yourself peace of mind.

You can then rest easy knowing your home is clean of any dirt, germs, or chemicals that might have been left behind by the past owners. If deep cleaning the entire house is overwhelming, then consider hiring a professional cleaning service to come in and complete the hard work for you. 

Otherwise, have a few friends or family members come together to help you clean. 

3. Find the Water Valve and Fuse Box 

Knowing the location of the water valve and fuse box is essential in case of emergencies. If your power were to go out, and you need to operate the fuse box, do you know where it is? If there's a plumbing emergency, and you need to shut off the water, do you know where to find the water valve?

These are two things you want to know before an actual emergency happens. Imagine trying to locate a fuse box in the dark or trying to search for the water valve as water is leaking into your home. Locate them now and know exactly where to go later. 

4. Put in a Change of Address

With so much going on, it's not difficult to forget to put in a change of address with the local post office. The last thing you want is for all your mail and packages to be sent to your old address. Make sure you let the post office know that you moved and give them your new address. 

Your mail will then be forwarded to your new home, and you won't have to worry about someone else receiving it. 

5. Switch Out the Locks

One of the greatest moments when purchasing a new house is having the keys handed to you. Holding the keys in your hands makes the moment much more real. As great as it is having your new set of housekeys, you should consider switching out the locks. 

You never know if the past owners made copies of the keys, providing them access to the house. Switch out the locks and get new keys so you don't have to worry about past owners coming and going as they please.  

6. Install a Security System

Speaking of easing anxiety about unwanted guests, now is also the perfect time to install a security system. If the home doesn't currently have one, install a new system, and protect your home and your family. If there's a security system in place, then make sure you reboot the system.

Clear all past information from the previous owners. Contact the company if needed, and have them help you. You should then create a new password.

7. Start Making New Friends 

Now that your new home is finished and everyone's settled in, it's time to start making new friends! Get to know your neighbors because these will be the people you'll see every day for the rest of the time you live there. Make it a point to be friendly and introduce yourself. 

Great neighbors can come in handy in more ways than one. For starters, good neighbors are the perfect people to keep your packages safe for you before you come home. If they notice any suspicious activity, then they can let you know. It's also nice to see a friendly face and have friendly conversations here and there as well. 

8. Explore the Area

Now that you've moved to a new area, it's time to explore Kalispell, Montana! Discover what nearby parks are available for your children and your pets. Look into different coffee shops and cafes in the area. 

Where will you do your grocery shopping? What are some fun activities to do on the weekends? Get to know the area by taking a family road trip one day where you drive through the town and discover new things.  

Are You Considering Moving Into a New House Soon? 

Are you planning a move to the Kalispell area? When moving into a new house in Kalispell, Montana, be sure to keep these helpful tips in mind. Follow these steps to take after settling into your new home, and you're sure to have a great moving experience!

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