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Big Sky, Big Culture, Full Life: Top 10 Things Montana Has To Offer

things to do in montana

So you’ve finally made that big jump to Montana! You’re all packed up and ready to roll into the state you’re going to call your new home. But, as you drive in, you realize quickly that you’ve not researched what to do when you get here!

There’s no need to panic! Your new home is full to the brim of exciting locations. There are simply hundreds of things to do in Montana. 

We’ve collated ten of the absolute best of them, so you can prepare your first day out as soon as you arrive.

1. Things to Do in Montana: Montana’s National Parks

Once you’ve bought your new house in Montana, you’ll want to breathe that fresh Montana air. Montana is home to some of the most amazing natural sights in the entire world.

For a volcanic hot spot, travel to the unbelievable Yellowstone National Park, or change things up with a visit to Glacier National Park.

These are just two options however; there are seven other National Parks in Montana to choose from! All of these exceptional emblems of nature can provide a fun day out for a lone walker or a picnic loving family.

2. Embrace the Wildlife

If you do decide to take a trip to one of these National Parks, particularly Yellowstone, you should take the time to experience the wildlife.

All manner of fantastic creatures roam these lands, from moose to beavers to porcupines. Just watch out for those grizzly bears! You’ll find incredible wildlife not just in Yellowstone, but in Glacier and several of the other National Parks in Montana.

The wonders of nature are open to you in this unbelievable new state.

3. Take a Trip to Flathead Lake

Particularly for those who are moving to Kalispell, a visit to Flathead Lake is an absolute must. Flathead is, in fact, the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Missouri River. 

There are little more tranquil things to do in Montana than to head out with your rod on a bright summer’s day. All manner of species of fish reside in Flathead Lake; make sure to fry one up for dinner if you catch them!

There are even occasional fishing competitions at the lake, for those who really want to put their fishing skills to the test.

4. Boat on Over to Wild Horse Island

Wild Horse Island is the largest island on Flathead Lake. The island was given its name because wild horses were said to have been pastured here to avoid them being stolen.

Wild horses still run free on the island as well as several other animals you may not have caught a glimpse of in Montana’s other National Parks. Its the perfect place to escape the world for a while.

5. Get Exoskeletal in the Museum of the Rockies

Bozeman, Montana is home to the Museum of the Rockies, the largest collection of dinosaur bones in the entire United States.

They even house the largest tyrannosaurus skull EVER discovered! It’s an absolute must-see for any young paleontologist. Make sure to say hi to their full T-Rex skeleton called Big Mike.

6. Count Them All in the Garden of Buddhas

Montana is home to its own religious pilgrimage destination in the form of the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas. Though it is currently under construction, the area remains a particularly moving sight for anyone religious.

The 750 acres of land is covered by what will be a thousand buddha statues. To add to this (as if 1000 buddhas weren’t enough!) the area is host to several beautiful pavilions and stupas. 

For Buddhists, it’s a location that cannot be missed. But even if you aren’t a Buddhist, it remains a unique and moving location in the state of Montana.

7. Ski Down Big Sky

What’s in Montana? Big Sky is in Montana! Big Sky boasts an endless array of breathtaking views. You should try to take them all in as you careen down one of their many famous bike trails and ski slopes.

Much of this can be engaged with at Big Sky Resort, which boasts a whopping 5,850 skiable acres. There are few better places in America to participate in extreme snow sports, or just admire the icy views.

8. Take a Trip to the Ghost Towns

For those who prefer an eerie, quieter experience, Montana is home to some of the most fascinating ghost towns in the country. 

Some of these somber locations include Kendall, Castle Town, and Bannack. All of them promise deserted towns fit for any good Instagram poster. Not only that, but a lot of these ghost towns also play host to ghost walks or other spooky tourist attractions. 

9. Observe Some Western Heritage

If you’re a history buff or want to learn more about your new home, you should visit the Western Heritage Center. This regional museum has a plethora of different artifacts from the days gone by in Montana. There are over 17,000 of them in fact!

Particularly, they have relics from the olden days of Yellowstone River. The museum is also dedicated to providing a great deal of free information and services for the community. This can make it a cheap and informative day out for any new resident.

Or maybe you simply want to admire the architecture of the building, built originally in 1901 as a library. It’s one of the most stunning buildings in the entire state.

10. Discover Some Wolves or Grizzlies

Remember when we said you could see grizzly bears in the National Park? Well, if you’d rather spy a bear in more controlled conditions, you can do that at The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center in Yellowstone.

This non-profit center is dedicated to both exhibiting and taking care of wolves and grizzly bears whilst educating the community. There’s no safer way to see these animals than at the center!

And So Much More!

There are so many more things to do in Montana; its almost impossible to keep track! If you are looking for more fun things to do in Montana in addition to this list, explore our blog.

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